Jenis-Jenis Burung yang Hidup di Singapura

Javan Myna at Pasir Ris Park

Jika Anda tinggal atau bekerja di Singapura, Anda mungkin sering memiliki keinginan untuk tahu lebih banyak tentang kota ini. Pada artikel ini, kita akan berbicara tentang beberapa burung paling umum yang dapat Anda temukan di kota ini. Kami akan membagikan beberapa fakta umum tentang burung-burung ini.

1) Javan Mynah

Burung ini disebut mynah berventilasi putih juga. Untuk pertama kalinya, pada 1920, burung ini dibawa dari negara lain untuk dipelihara sebagai burung peliharaan.

Sejauh menyangkut pembiakan dan makanan, mynah cukup mudah beradaptasi. Ia meninggalkan sarangnya di depan burung-burung lain untuk makan di jalan, buah-buahan, sisa makanan manusia, dan serangga.

2) Starling Glossy Asia

Seringkali, burung-burung ini berkumpul bersama dalam kawanan besar yang terdiri dari 30 burung. Anda dapat menemukan duduk di antena TV dan memakan berbagai jenis buah-buahan di kebun. Di malam hari, Anda dapat menemukannya di kawanan dan sarang komunal besar. Suara mereka terdengar seperti peluit.

3) Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

The male pigeon is more colorful than the female. Often, their nests are in trees. Rarely they are found on the ground. Typically, they get down only when they have to drink water.

The pair helps each other incubate the eggs and the nest. Typically, the male rests in the nest throughout the day, and the female comes back in the evening. Unlike other birds, doves and pigeons don’t have oil-producing glands. So, their feathers are not waterproof.

4) Yellow-Vented Bulbul

You can find this bird in almost every park and garden. In gardens, they can be seen flying around flowering shrubs. Usually, it’s cup-like nest is made of plastic strips, raffia pieces, tissue paper, and plant stuff.

They feed on caterpillars, beetles, grasshoppers, and ants. After having their meal, they like to bathe and preen.

5) Whimbrel

You can find these birds breeding in the arctic and sub-arctic parts of the world. Usually, they fly to other countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, and Asia during the colder months of the year.

In Singapore, you can find them in September and November. Their long bills to feed on marine animals and crustaceans.

Whimbrel was seen at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve after a long time in 2014.

6) Pacific Golden Plover

In Singapore, you can find this beautiful bird on the shores. They feed on insects, spiders, worms, marine, and crabs, to name a few. This bird can fly thousands of miles without getting tired. They fly in flocks of hundreds of birds.

In Singapore, they arrive in late August. In April, they fly back to their original sites.

7) Common Redshank

You can identify the common redshank from its red legs. But the juveniles don’t have red legs. Their legs are greenish-yellow. These nervous birds are often seen flying around the sandy shores.

In the breeding season, the common redshank feast on worms, insects, and spiders. Before or after the breeding season, they eat tadpoles, small fish, crustaceans and mollusks.


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